🔥Walgreens deals (10/4 - 10/10) Multibrand digitals

Hey Gang! I finally made it to Walgreens to do some deals with the multibrand digitals we got last week! I did 6 different deals & used 6 different multibrand digitals!

Total Retail = $158.55 + Tax

Subtotal (after coupons) = $56.08

points used = 35,000 pts ($35)

Total oop (after points) = $21.08

+ $16.50 back from Ibotta & 2,000 pts

Net = $2.58 or $37.58 (including points used)

Click here for Google doc breakdown

Click here for Youtube video

Use my google doc breakdown as a guide but please note: These are the deals I did with what mulibrand digital I had clipped you can replace any deals if needed. Just make sure you are at the threshold (after any IVC)

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